Why Vitarade®?

Vitarade® is a brand based on a patented raw material, Vitargo®, which is ideal both for endurance as well as endurance and strength sports, and also for mixed sports. All the products have been developed for professional athletes and amateurs alike to ensure effective energy uptake and utilisation during prolonged exercise and immediate post-workout recovery of muscle glycogen.

For both the amateur and the professional athlete, proper nutritional preparation is just as important as the correct equipment. And just like a bike breakdown or shoes that have come unglued, inadequate nutrition can derail plans to meet training goals or even finish a race. Easily bioavailable carbohydrates from Vitargo® can help in this situation.

The greatest advantage of high molecular mass carbohydrates Vitargo® is their low osmolality in comparison to other forms of carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sacharose or maltodextrin), commonly used in other carbohydrate supplements.

Osmolality is related to the presence of osmotically active substances in solution that determine, among other things, the transport of fluids and nutrients and the rate of gastric emptying. Solutions of high osmolality (dextrose, maltodextrin) inhibit the absorption of fluids and nutrients from the intestinal lumen, as well as reducing the rate of gastric emptying.

Vitargo® provides high molecular weight carbohydrates, keeping the number of individual particles in solution low, which significantly reduces the osmolality of the solution. Furthermore, the low osmolality of Vitargo® increases fluid transport from the intestinal lumen, securing the proper hydration of the body.

FA Vitarade® includes a complete line of carbohydrate products for the athlete consisting of: