TOP 8 cyclist’s accessories – what to buy?


Are you a lover of cycling and tech novelties and gadgets? Here is a list of accessories that will be useful for every cyclist. However, we left out the items that belong to the mandatory equipment of the bicycle (e.g. lights). Interested in our suggestions?

  1. Space for water
    Regardless of whether you ride recreationally or professionally, it’s worth to have a space for a water bottle. The simplest and cheapest solution is to install a bottle cage. A more expensive and more convenient alternative is a backpack or a vest with a water bladder – they allow you to drink water without having to slow down or stop to reach for a water bottle.
  2. Pump
    While we recommend checking your tire pressure regularly, emergencies may happen anytime. So the pump would seem to be an indispensable accessory. There are small, handy models on the market that can be carried even in a jacket pocket (however, it is useful finding one with a two-way piston). However, remember about the type of valve in the inner tube, because although most pumps are universal, it is not the rule.
  3. Multitool
    As in the case of the pump, it is worth getting a handy multitool ‘pocket knife’ that comprises a set of tools. And although we do not wish anyone a situation in which it will be necessary to use it, having it can save a training session or a bicycle trip from an untimely end. Before you select an accessory, think about what tools will be most useful to you.
  4. Helmet
    Although among cyclists there are opponents of wearing a helmet (especially since the regulations do not require its possession), in our opinion it is not worth saving on safety and our advice is to select a safety-certified helmet. When choosing a model, first consider the conditions in which you intend to ride (there are MTB, road, Hardshell and city helmets on the market), then choose one that suits the shape and size of the head and face (the straps should adhere to it, but not cause discomfort).
  5. Storage accessories
    All the items we take with on our training session must be packed somewhere. If you don’t opt for a backpack, it seems obvious to put a storage accessory somewhere on the bike itself. There are various models of saddle bags or panniers available on the market. Before you choose a specific item, think about what you will want to pack, and then measure everything carefully or take it to the store, e.g. a bicycle pump and a multitool.
  6. Bike computer
    If you want to accurately check the number of kilometers covered, it is worth equipping yourself with a bicycle computer (basic models are available for a dozen PLN). The best motivation for further training is to beat your own records! For those who want to plan and monitor their training sessions accurately, we recommend more advanced models equipped with GPS and a heart rate monitor. An alternative choice may be to buy a phone holder that allows you to control the progress of your riding session on the smartphone screen.
  7. Bike security
    With frequent bicycle trips, it is worth getting something that will protect our bike from theft. And although nothing will guarantee the 100% safety of our two-wheeler, proper protection will make the thief’s task much more difficult. There are cable locks available on the market (steel covered with a plastic sheath or with sleeves that make it difficult to cut), U-locks, special chains and locks for the back wheel. It all depends on your budget and the places and time you leave your bike “unattended”. If we were asked for advice, we’d recommend investing in a U-lock (also known as D-lock).
  8. Carbohydrate Supplements
    Diet – next to training – is an important element of improving your sports results. For increased effort, our body needs “fuel” provided by adequate amounts of carbohydrates. We recommend investing in supplements that will provide them. The Vitarade Line from Fitness Authority was created for enthusiasts of endurance sports to provide carbohydrate support and provide energy even for the toughest challenges.